Voluntary quality assurance Quality in felt

Voluntary quality assurance has been one of the areas of action of the felt network e.V. since 2011. This somewhat bulky name hides an important concern of the felt artisans. There are an infinite number of expressions and uses in hand felt, therefore after careful consideration, the knowledge grew that quality and durability of the utility felts represent the common denominator for the craft – quality connects! The concept of formulating quality criteria developed from these thoughts. These criteria form the basis for the work of the felt-craftswomen and offer security to potential customers. Few quality issues were identified and set for voluntary quality assurance. They should be the framework without restricting creativity and diversity. To date, over 40 hand-felting women have successfully dealt with the quality criteria and presented their wet-felted work on the three assessment areas. This shows us that the recognition of their good, high-quality craft felts becomes important to more and more felt- makers. Due to the nature of the craft it is common that the felt makers are very often alone in their workshop. Therefore they often have an increased desire for appreciative and supportive feedback. By participating in the voluntary quality assurance, hand-knitters receive exactly this feedback on their products and their craftsmanship. The added value of this process, however, is not solely due to the manufacturer of high quality hand felts. The concern of the association is also to communicate the quality criteria for hand felts and thereby establish them with potential customers. Consumers can use the quality criteria of the Filz-Netzwerk e.V. to find details about the requirements for felt products, how to recognize them and who is responsible for a careful processing. Felting women are given the opportunity to respond more strongly to the quality question in their discussions with customers. In order to clarify this claim, since this year, all owners of the certificate of quality receive small supporters, who characterize their work as “tested quality” for every interested party. Every felter who wants to participate in this process can register with 3 felt works. The assessments take place four times a year and are carried out anonymously. The corresponding information on the expected one – dimensional felt, the hollow felts and the nuno felt works can be found on the homepage of the felt network under the heading “quality” in felt. Here the minimum sizes, which need to be submitted in order to ensure comparability, are defined. Furthermore information about strengths and textures are published, in order to grow the courage of contributing. Quality is always a common agreement, the result of a classification. The more felt-makers participate in these classifications and agreements, the more clarity we create together for our customers.