Training as textile designer specializing in felt

Information about the training

For the first time a training occupation: the FILZER

Finally the time has come: after several years of hard work, the introduction of a lot of expertise and after many discussions there is an official training course for Filzer since 27.06.2011! The correct job title is:

Textile designer in the craft, specializing in felting

Other disciplines include bobbin lace, trimming, embroidery, knitting and weaving. The latter three already existed before this reorganization. They have now entered into this.

In order to train you must have passed the instructor suitability test. This is filed after appropriate courses at the Chambers of Crafts. If you are already a master craftsman in another craft, the instructor was part of the training, so you do not have to retake again.
The requirements for becoming an instructor will be set at the next annual general meeting on 30.03.2012 in Grainau. Currently there is a vocational school in Plauen in the Vogtland for the theoretical part of the training.
As with some other training occupations, you can take the journeyman’s exam also externally.
Further information:

Regulation textile designers

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Contact person in the Filznetzwerk eV

Sigrid Bannier

Bruno Bujak