Successful graduates

Another social worker in the profession “Textile designer in the craft industry, specializing in felting” On July 14, 2015, Germany’s second textile designer successfully completed her apprenticeship exam in the craft trade in felting.

Susanne Breuling comes from the Black Forest and decided in the middle of her life after a professional reorientation for an apprenticeship as a textile designer in the craft industry, specializing in felting. In her search for a training company she came via BIBB (Federal Institute for Vocational Training in Bonn) in the Palatinate. She started in January with Sigrid Bannier, co-author of the new job profile, member of the HWK Pfalz, member of the examination board of the HWK Rhein-Main and member of the Federal Association for the Arts and Crafts and last but not least chairman of the non-profit Association of German-speaking Felters 2013 her education.
The training was closely based on the training regulations for this profession and led to the ‘external journeyman’s examination’, an officially recognized degree, in which one does not necessarily have to attend the vocational school in Plauen. Nevertheless, it was necessary to keep the learning content of 3 years of normal vocational school present.
Susanne Breuling will start her own business as of 01. August 2015 and will open a workshop shop in Schiltach in the Black Forest and offer a course program.
We are happy with her and her trainer about passing the exam. We are convinced that it represents an extraordinary enrichment for the professional felt craft.

The first companion in 2015

On March 19, 2015, Lea Amrei-Rombold passed her journeyman’s examination to become a textile designer in the craft trade, specializing in felting. We wholeheartedly congratulate the newlywed companion, pay our respects and look forward to her and her trainer Bruno Bujack.
On 25.07.2011, the new regulation on vocational training became a textile designer and textile designer in the craft industry. Here also a specialty felting was integrated. Lea Amrei-Rombold has now passed her exam in Plauen according to this new regulation.
This is a great success, especially for the newlywed companion. In addition, it is also an appreciation for the traditional felt craft.
The next candidate for the journeyman’s examination, which will be held in Coburg, is already in the starting blocks. We keep our fingers crossed and keep you up to date!