Our international felt art exhibition
“… on the move”

has meanwhile gone to Göttingen (D), Mouzon (F), Forchheim (D), Jyvaskyla (FIN), Vaduz (FL), Lyssach (CH) in Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen.

The exhibits were dismantled on 05.03.15 and sent back to the artists. Three works were sold and handed over to their new owners.

New show plans are in the pipeline, but still need a bit, because “good things take a while”.

Until then, get in the mood for the pictures of the event.

Catalogs collection
The catalog for the exhibition “… in motion” was published by FILZ-NETZWERK e. V. edited.
The catalog costs now € 7.00 plus shipping.
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ISBN 978-3-9815744-0-1

The catalog for the exhibition “The climate is changing” was published in 2010 by Polistampa, Florence,
special price : € 5.00, which are to be paid to the association without deductions, plus shipping costs.
Please send orders to .
ISBN 978-8-859607-8-61

At the beginning of 2008 the FILZ-NETZWERK eV presented the exhibition: “Element Filz” in the Museum Forchheim.
The catalog was published in 2008 by Maro-Verlag,
special price: € 5,00, which are to be paid to the society without any deduction, plus shipping costs

Please order at