Objectives of the Filz-Netzwerk e.V.

A network only becomes stable and colorful when many people participate in networking. We would like to work in a club on such a felting network for German-speaking countries.

Through the annual German-language felt meeting , we want to continue to offer all interested parties a forum for exchange on a larger scale.

Felter We propose to work together in regional groups with the multi-layered felt, to research and exchange experiences.

Together with our members, freelance artists, felt craftsmen, lecturers and training centers, we want to promote the diversity of the designed felt and its possible uses. We refer to the cultural-historical roots and the manifold ethnological variations of felt process and felt products. We would like to encourage our members to get involved in the European and International Felt Federation through participation in workshops, training courses, exhibitions and competitions.

Each member independently forms his profile, his presentation in the gallery and event notes. We seek to collaborate with other nonprofit organizations, including to explore new uses of felting and advanced felt products in various social, educational and therapeutic areas.

We would like to help all those who are not only spontaneously enthusiastic about the felt but long-term interested in learning to find suitable qualified training paths.