Felt college of the Filznetzwerk registered association

Once a year in the summer months, we organize the Filz-Kolleg of the Filz-Netzwerk eV A varied course program offers the opportunity to deal with the felt craft in a variety of ways, consolidate the basics, venture exciting experiments or just with ideas and materials to play. At this point, it is important for us to draw attention to the special structure and shape of our felt-Kolleg concept. Here you can read the regulations according to which we design the fulfillment of our statutory duties:
The Filzkolleg is organized once a year, centrally by the board of the FNW.
The Filzkolleg is a device for the fulfillment of statutory purposes, in particular for the promotion of felting and quality assurance.
This is done by offering workshops that are open to members and non-members. Members are granted a membership discount.
The Felt College has a maximum duration of 10 days and takes place in the summer at changing venues to meet our regional membership structure.
One of the basic principles is that our lecturers must be members of the FNW and can only give lectures every two years. The aim is to be able to represent the diversity of the felt craft and the wealth of felt talents and to promote our offspring.
The Filzkolleg is financed in solidarity and is reimbursed in accordance with principles of solidarity by means of a volunteer fee, which can only be paid once a year. This non-commercial principle is very important to us in volunteer work.
To relieve the organizers, overnight accommodation and travel costs will be reimbursed if necessary in the amount due against receipts.
Regional weekend programs can be organized, lasting a maximum of 3 days. The basic requirement here is also compliance with the adopted directives.
The board of the Filznetzwerk registered association