become a member

Anyone who wants to get to know felting and / or discover the many possibilities that wool and felt can provide for us can become a member!

Anyone who has already discovered felting can become a member.

Anyone who appreciates felting as a craft and wants to support its development can become a member.

It is particularly important to us that the members actively support the goals of the Filznetzwerk with ideas, suggestions and cooperation.

We charge an annual membership fee of
40,00 Euro, preferably by direct debit. You will find a SEPA direct debit mandate in addition to the membership application at the bottom of this page.

Are you interested in a membership?
Then welcome!

Please print, fill out, sign and send the membership application and the SEPA direct debit mandate to:

Barbara Steffen-Munsberg
Postdamm 40
49536 Lienen