In the former wool factory and there in the “Office Factory”, in which the Filznetwerk eV has now met again, we celebrated 28.02.2015 the 10th anniversary of our network.

Founded in 2005 on Fehmarn, the Filznetzwerk has developed into a serious contact for feltmakers, for official organizations as well as for the end users of felt products. During these 10 years, the association has organized internationally recognized traveling art exhibitions alone and in cooperation with other institutions from other European countries. Several members of the association have contributed their expertise as experts to establish for the first time an official apprenticeship with journeyman and master examination. The finished craftsmen call themselves “textile designers in the craft, specializing in felting”.

We’ve made many contacts with individual felt artists, groups of them, museums and institutions around the world. They all help to promote the many good properties of felt, to network the world of felt and to bring the felt to many ‘felt-unbelieving’ people.

We would like to address all of you, who are looking for pleasure and creativity, gray and colorful, rough and silky-smooth, in great detail, alone and in groups, but always with precise craftsmanship and handcrafted wool felt.

With a little bit of personal commitment, there are many opportunities for everyone to familiarize them with the raw material, wool as a renewable raw material, our very different customers and sensitize them to the sustainability of our activities. The conviction then comes by itself.