Textiel Festival de Weerribben

On the 14-15-16 of june, I take part at the Textile Festival de Weerribben. Together with Linda Lammerts and Anneke Spijker, we are the felt collective “LAK”.

De Weerribben is a beautiful natural surrounding and the festival takes place in several villages, you can go there by car or bike. THere are workshops, a craftmarket, expositions. There is also an outside exposition in the nature, you can see that when you take a little boat. So realy a perfect change for a short holliday.

The theme of the festival is “Strange birds”

The exposition of LAK is in the old Veerhuis in Oldemart, we would like to welkom you!

look for more information at www.textielfestivalweerribben.nl




Karen Bruinsma



Silk Shell. wool en handmade silkpaper, by Karen Bruinsma
Strange eggs, wool and handmade silk paper, by karen Bruinsma
Moss, by Anneke Spijker
Bark, by Anneke Spijker
Strange bird, by Linda Lammerts
Strange birds, by Linda Lammerts

Textile Plus arts and crafts

Sorry, I will write in english here because I think that is better to understand. (I am Dutch)

I had an exposition last week in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, together with my friends Linda Lammerts and Anneke Spijker. Together we are a collectief called “LAK”.

The things that I made are ‘the cirkels of forgotten memories”. My mother died last year of dementia and the last things that remained where her memories of her early childhood, her brothers and sisters and parents. She had forgotten me, her daughter.

An other work is “Silk play”, I worked with silk fibers, natural seeds and embroidery, crochet.

The last work is ‘Recylcle”, made in a period that I could not felt, so I had a look in my box and worked with old pieces of felt, yarn and silk.

The exposition was visited by thousands of people, there were over 80 artists and a crafts market.

Hope you like to see my pictures…

Karen Bruinsma